Wedding DJ for your wedding disco

The wedding DJ is the musical expert for your wedding


Wedding DJ for your wedding disco party with illuminated dance floor

It was a wonderful party. . . . .

It’s paramount on the most beautiful day of your lives that you have the best music and the best ambiance. A wedding DJ by All Star Entertainment gives you a 100% good music guarantee because a wedding, your wedding, is most lilely an event with all kinds of different tastes in music.

Together with you, husband and wife to be, the wedding DJ finds out what music to play and equally important what music definitely not. This way your party will be exactly what you had in mind. All eyes (and ears) will be on the best show you imagined.

Every detail will be talked through so your wedding disco will be totally adapted to your wishes. All wedding disco’s with one of the wedding DJ’s have a professional and a festive appearance. Next to that there is a 100% music garantee. In case of illness or other problems another professional wedding DJ will be there for you. Don’t ever worry about that.


The wedding DJ is there for you !

Due to the experience of All Star Entertainment’s partyplanners, the look of a wedding disco with a smaller budget shouldn’t be less appealing compared to one with a bigger one.; the wedding DJ makes every wedding party memorable.

Above you see an illuminated dance floor with the names of the couple programmed into it. This is one those little things that gives your wedding disco party a more personal touch and that extra glossy feeling.Every wedding disco should reflect the married couple’s character, so every wedding disco is unique.

The best part of hiring a wedding DJ by all Star Entertainment is that from the first moment, the intake, you are in touch with the same person, every time. This way you only should have to explain once how you would like your party to look and sound. Another advantage of booking your wedding DJ here is that he might be of help choosing music for the ceremony. Key of course is to be fully aware of what kind of guests you both expect.

However what you shouldn’t do is be intimidated by people’s stories of wedding parties with excessive costs; All Star Entertainment makes your wedding disco possible in a wide range of budgets. The All Star Entertainment people can do miracles with light. For every event a lightplan will be made because lighting is know for enhancing the total ambiance.

Have your wedding DJ arrange the ‘ uplighting’ too

Having made deciions on location ad your wedding DJ, it’s essential that the room will have to look the way you had in mind initially; the room has to be dressed.

uplighting makes every room look stunning

the right atmosphere with uplighting

E.g. in a modern minimalist or bleak room the ambiance is to be adjusted with different light spotsalong the walls. Experts call this effect ‘ uplighting’. Every colour can be chosen and even a continous loop of changing colours is an option. On the photos some examples.

In a classic or already warm room one uses uplighting mainly to accentuate the best features of this room. Big plusses of uplighing are that the light shines indirectly upwards, so never straight in ones eyes and it is reasonably easy to place and move when needed during the night.

To complete these lights some moving light effects should be placed e.g. moving heads, scanners or a laser. Do not forget the outside of the location because that is what your guests see last.


Extra entertainment besides your wedding DJ

Your wedding party is defenitely going to be a blast with the professional wedding DJ and the lights and sound by All Star Entertainment. The wedding DJ comes

Wedding DJ plus sax-player on a wedding party

The sax-player was a blast !

together with the partyplanner so it might be wise to discuss possible extra entertainment with both of them. Options are a sax-player or a wedding singer like Fransix, with a soulful disco repertoire or Henk Kamphuis, singing ‘ratpack’-songs and typically Dutch songs. Actually any artist is possible. Such an artist can use the soundsystem of the wedding DJ, so no double charges will be neccessary.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]

Wedding DJ for your wedding disco
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